Dear Friends,

In view of the directive by the APSI declaring the year 2020 as a zero year, all activities of APSI for the year 2020 stand suspended. As a result, APSICON 2020 which was due to be held in Delhi from October 28 to November 1 stands postponed. In the prevailing situation, we are unable to decide new dates for the postponed APSICON 2020.

We are keeping close vigilance on the developing situation and will define the new dates as soon as possible.

As our supporters and partners in this endeavour we look forward to your continuing support to the event. We will keep you updated about reorganizing this unique Congress and sincerely hope you will join us on the changed dates.

We are highly appreciative of your support and offer you an option of continuing to support the event at the new dates or a complete refund of the amount deposited. If you do choose to continue onto the new dates, but later feel that the dates when announced do not suit you, you can proceed even at that time to a complete refund.

We understand how disappointing this is for all of you. The foreign faculty, in fact, are still willing to come, but health comes first. We cannot put lives at risk.

Thank you for being so active in the APSI family activities and placing your trust in us.

Please email your option:

  1. Keep my registration for the new dates (I am aware that I can get a full refund if the new dates do not suit me)
  2. Please cancel my registration and give me a full refund.

Please let us know your choice by email to or call Mr Shivam Verma / Mr Vikas Sharma at +919560493999

Best wishes,
Dr Aditya Aggarwal
Organizing Secretary